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An Admissions Selection Panel representing the Netherfield Partnership Ltd (NPL) meets to discuss all applications for use of workshop units at 39 Farthing Grove, Netherfield, Milton Keynes

NPL has set down the following process and eligibility criteria to:

  • ensure fairness for all applicants

  • meet the requirements of development funding from the Government’s Single Regeneration Budget (SRB) fund and Milton Keynes Council’s funding

  • adhere to the Lease in force on the premises between The Netherfield Partnership Ltd and Milton Keynes Council

  • create viable sustainable businesses on Netherfield and benefit the wider community through provision of new services


Geographical Criteria

Priority will be given to applicants who are ordinarily resident in the electoral area of Netherfield.

If a workshop is vacant and there are no suitable outstanding applications from people living on Netherfield, applicants from outside of Netherfield will be considered.


Commercial Criteria

All applicants will be expected to demonstrate

  • that thorough market research has been undertaken and results shown

  • that they have produced a viable business plan, which is accompanied by a letter of endorsement from a Business Adviser or appropriate business advice service

  • that adequate business insurance is in place


Social Criteria

Additionally applicants will be expected to demonstrate

  • a desire to create their own employment

  • that they understand that they will be expected to participate in the successful running and operation of the building

  • that they are providing services which are complementary to other occupiers of the building and the wider community

  • that their services or products offered do not act as direct competition to existing businesses as this may have detrimental effects on both businesses

  • that the business needs the support available from the accommodation to enhance the chances of success

Eligibility to run a Business in the UK

Please quote your National Insurance number in your application or provide other documentation to demonstrate your eligibility to run a business in the UK.


The Selection Panel will meet to consider applications based upon the above criteria. Applicants will be informed in writing of the outcome. If successful there may be conditions applied. If unsuccessful the reasons behind the rejection will be clearly stated.

The Panel’s decision is final, therefore applicants should ensure that all relevant information is presented in their application form and business plan.